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Portugal: Santarém Part 1

The Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem, together with that of Lanciano, is considered among the most important. Numerous studies and canonical analysis were carried out on the relics. The Host changed into bleeding Flesh and Blood flowed out of it. Both relics are preserved to this day in the Church of St. Stephen in Santarem.

Blessed: Alexandrina Maria da Costa

Alexandrina remained paralyzed at age 21 from a dramatic incident in which she fled from the threat of violence. She did not permit herself to be overcome by sadness and by loneliness, but thought: “Jesus, You are a prisoner in the tabernacle as I am here on my bed, so that we can keep company”. Following the physical sufferings from the paralysis, mystical sufferings were added: for four years, every Friday she saw the sorrows of the Passion, and after this period, for
another 13 years until her death she was nourished only by the Eucharist. Her life became a continuous prayer for the conversion of sinners.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Part 3

“In 2001 I went with my samples to Professor Linoli who identified the white blood cells and said to me that most probably the samples corresponded to heart tissue. The results obtained from the samples were similar to those of the studies performed on the Host of the Miracle of Lanciano. In 2002 we sent the sample to Professor John Walker at the University of Sydney in Australia who confirmed that the samples showed muscle cells and intact white blood cells and everyone knows that white blood cells outside our body disintegrate after 15 minutes and in this case 6 years had already passed.”

Spain: Moncada

In the Eucharistic miracle of Moncada, Baby Jesus appeared in the Sacred Host to dissipate the doubts of a priest uncertain about the validity of his priestly ordination. At the end of the 14th century, in fact, the French cardinals elected an antipope hoping that he would transfer the Holy See back to Avignon. This event created great confusion among the clergy, to the point that many priests started doubting whether they had been validly ordained. Fr. Odorico Raynaldi described the fact in his Anales Eclesiasticos. It is also narrated in other numerous documents kept in the archives of the city of Moncada.

Our Lady and the Eucharist: Calanda, Spain, Miguel-Juan Pellicer

Young Miguel-Juan Pellicer had his leg amputated due to an accident. Thanks to his great devotion, the young man nurtured himself through the most Holy
Sacrament and the Virgin of Pilar. A great miracle came upon him, which was immediately recognized and approved by the Archbishop of Zaragoza who presided over the canonical process. In his clear judgment he wrote that “Miguel-Juan Pellicer of Calanda was miraculously given back his right leg, which was amputated years prior and it was not a natural occurrence but a miraculous one”.

André Frossard

The conversion of the atheist writer Andre Frossard, in the presence of the Holy Eucharist, has had great repercussions in the world. He himself recounted how his conversion came about in his book, God Exists. I Have Met Him (1969). Up to his final years, up to his final days, he would only say: “Since the time when I encountered God, I have never succeeded in growing tired of the mystery of God. Every day is something new for me. And if God exists, I should speak of it; if Christ is the Son of God, I should proclaim it loudly; if there is Life Eternal, I should preach it.”

Italy: Siena

In the Basilica of San Francesco in Siena, 223 consecrated Hosts have remained intact for 276 years. (Archbishop Tiberio Borghese sealed unconsecrated hosts in a tin box for ten years. The scientific commission put in charge when the box was reopened found only worms and rotted fragments.) The Siena event is against any physical and biological law. The scientist Enrico Medi stated: “This direct intervention from God is the miracle […], accomplished and maintained for centuries, to testify to the permanent reality of Christ in the Eucharistic Sacrament”.

Saint: Faustina Kowalska

The most recent practical link to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the devotional icon of the Lord’s Merciful love came from the Polish nun Saint Faustina Kowalska. Jesus appeared to her on February 22, 1931, with His right hand bestowing blessings and His left hand pointing towards His Sacred Heart, which emitted two rays: one pale; the other a bright red. These rays represent the Water and Blood that came out of Jesus’ pierced side while on the Cross. This symbolizes the purifying virtues of Baptism and Confession and the regenerative virtue of the Holy Eucharist.

Blessed: Anne Catherine Emmerich

Anne Catherine Emmerich was forced to abandon the monastery in which she lived because it was being appropriated by the government. In that period, her health declined and the mystical experiences increased: she received the stigmata and had numerous visions. One of these allowed the finding of the house
of Our Lady in Ephesus. In fact, according to antique traditions, it seems that Mary settled, together with John the Apostle, in this city. The miraculous aspect of the life of Anne Catherine is that for years she fed only on the Eucharist.