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Miraculous Communions Part 2

During her stay at Proceno, the Dominican Saint Agnes Segni would go into the monastery garden alone to pray near an olive plant. One Sunday morning, she was immersed in prayer from the break of dawn and only after several hours realized that it was a feast day and that she was obliged to attend, attended Mass in the monastery choir. However, an angel of the Lord came bearing an immaculate Host and gave it to her in Holy Communion. This incident was repeated on other occasions as well.

The biographer of Saint Clare of Montefalco recounts in the acts for her canonization process that “one day Clare came up to Holy Communion without her mantle. Sister Giovanna rebuked her harshly, saying to
her, ’Go away – I don’t want you to receive Holy Communion.’ Hearing these words, Clare realized that she was without her mantle and felt such bitter regret that after she returned to her cell, she wept bitterly. And while she was praying amid her tears, Christ appeared to her and, embracing her, gave her Holy Communion, leaving her deeply consoled.”

Blessed Angela of Foligno recounted that “on one occasion I saw Christ under the guise of a small child, who nevertheless appeared great and majestic, like a king: It seemed that, seated on his throne, he held in his hand something like a symbol of authority […] Then, when the others knelt down, I did not do so, and I don’t know if I ran up close to the altar or if I could not move from sheer delight and contemplation, and I experienced great regret that the priest put the Host back on the altar so quickly.”

Miraculous Communions Part 1

One day, Saint Lucia Filippini was making her way to Pitigliano, near Grosseto, to supervise a school for craftsmen which she had founded. First, however, she stopped at the church of the Franciscan Fathers to attend Holy Mass. So great was Lucia’s desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist that the Lord wished to reward her with a miracle. When the priest was breaking the large Host in half to place a small fragment in the chalice, this very part escaped his hand and flew into the air, radiating light, and came to rest on the tongue of the future saint. Today, the shrine where the miracle took place is under the care of the devout Filipini Sisters.

Saint Juliana Falconieri was always most devoted to the Holy Eucharist. In the last days of life, a stomach ailment which had afflicted her for a long time, as it became more acute, prevented her from receiving Communion. Before her death in 1341, she asked that a consecrated Host be placed on her chest, and as she recited a prayer, the Host disappeared and left a violet mark, as if it had been branded there. She was beatified in 1678 and canonized in 1737.

Blessed Imelda Lambertini, from childhood, already showed a great love for the Eucharistic Jesus but the chaplain reminded her that she could only receive Communion when she turned 14. Nevertheless on May12, 1333 (Ascension Vigil), she went to Mass and presented herself to receive Holy Communion. The priest ignored her completely but the Lord wished to grant the desire of little Imelda. A Host radiating light rose up in flight, and stopped in front of Imelda. After she received the Body of Christ, her pure white soul flew straight up to heaven. Blessed Imelda is Patroness of First Communions.