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France: Blanot

The Eucharistic Miracle of Blanot took place during the Easter Mass of 1331. During Communion, a Host fell to a cloth that was held below the communicant’s mouth. The priest tried to pick it up, but it was not possible. The Host had transformed into Blood, resulting in a stain – the same size as the Host – on the cloth. That cloth is preserved today in the village of Blanot.

France: Faverney

On the Vigil of the Feast of Pentecost, the monks of Faverney decided to expose the Blessed Sacrament for public adoration. During the night, a fire flared up which destroyed the altar and the sacred furnishings, but not the monstrance containing the Sacred Host. The monstrance was retrieved after a few days while it was suspended in the air perfectly intact. The miraculous Host is still kept today and many are the pilgrims who every year hasten to venerate the miracle.

France: Paris Part 2

Desperate, he threw the Host into boiling water and the Host freed itself from the water hovering in mid-air and then taking the form of a crucifix.

France: Avignon Part 2

The news spread rapidly, and many people and authorities came to the Church, singing songs of praise and of thanks to the Lord.

France: Bordeaux

In the Eucharistic Miracle of Bordeaux, Jesus appeared giving a blessing for more than 20 minutes in the Host exposed for public adoration. Even today it is possible to visit the Chapel of the Miracle and venerate the precious Relic of the Monstrance of the apparition, which is kept in Martillac, France, in the church of the contemplative community “La Solitude”.

France: Douai

In the Eucharistic Miracle of Douai, a consecrated Host was unintentionally dropped to the ground while a priest was distributing Communion to the faithful. Immediately he bent down to pick it up, but it lifted Itself up in flight and went to place Itself on the purificator. In Its place, a little later, a wonderful child appeared, who all the faithful and religious present in the celebration could contemplate. Although more than 800 years have elapsed, even today it is still possible to admire the Host of the miracle. All Thursdays of the month, in the Church of Saint Peter of Douai, many faithful gather in prayer before the miraculous Host.

France: Paris Part 1

During Easter of 1290 a non-believer who harbored animosity toward the Faith and did not believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist was able to gain possession of a consecrated Host with the intent to desecrate it. He stabbed the Host and threw it into boiling water. The Host came out of the water by itself right in front of the man who was distressed by this and so put the Host in the basin of a pious woman. The woman immediately brought the Host to her pastor.

France: Avignon Part 1

On November 30, 1433 a small church run by the Gray Penitents of the Franciscan order was exhibiting a consecrated Host for perpetual adoration. After days of rain, the rivers swelled and surprisingly, Avignon was submerged. By boat, two friars of the Order succeeded in reaching the church where the Holy Sacrament had been left for adoration. When they entered the church, they saw that the waters were divided to the right and to left, leaving the altar and the Sacrament perfectly dry.

France: Marseille en Beauvais

In 1533, some thieves stole a ciborium containing some consecrated Hosts from a church. The thieves then discarded the Hosts in a field. Unfortunately there was a strong snow storm; however, the following day the Hosts were recovered and miraculously were found to be in perfect condition. The numerous healings and the tremendous popular devotion that followed the miracle were not sufficient to protect the Hosts which were destroyed by some seeking to profane them.

France: Les Ulmes

In the Eucharistic miracle of Les Ulmes, it was during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for public adoration, that, in place of the Host, there appeared the shape of a man with light-brown hair falling over his back, a luminous face, the hands crossed one over the other, and a white tunic covering the body. After close examination the Bishop authorized devotion to this Eucharistic Miracle. Even today in the church, the recess which contained the miraculous Host for more than 130 years can be seen. The Host was devoutly consumed by the Vicar of Puy Notre Dame during the French Revolution, for fear that this Blessed Sacrament would be profaned.